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Heads or Tales and the Cosmic Journey of the After Life

January 21, 2013


“What do the stars mean to us? If you attach lines between them, they create images of people, animals and objects. Who are these Gods painted in the sky I ask myself when I gauze out at their twinkling humor. Maybe they are the bodies of those who walked this earth in earnest.”

If I told you that there are places on this planet that offer insight into the mysteries of the cosmos would you believe me? What if I told you that there is a possibility that our souls exist in the form of an energy that can be revealed through music long after we have passed. Would you listen more closely to music and the sacredness of its power to connect us with one another and the heavens? This is why I believe the story behind my “Shining Light” song is worth sharing with you.

We are the sum of the atoms of our universe. What passes through our bodies every nanosecond is the beginning of all time and the entire existence of mankind. Think about the power of that concept for a minute. So, why would it not be possible that these atoms lend themselves to having a voice? And what better place to share this voice then through the connection of the human body and the energy of the ocean and the primordial soup we came from. This churning atomic tide aligned one evening with the planets of our universe and bestowed me with a gift that changed my life.

The story I am about to tell you is a mystery that has intrigued the greatest thinkers since the existence of mankind. What happens to our souls after our death..

The gift I received from the heavens came from a place outside of my physical being. It entered me with a force that made my body physically vibrate at a different frequency. I could feel it, my skin tinging and my mind awake with an intensity of love I have never felt before. It happened one evening as I walked along a secluded northern California beach on the Sonoma Coast.

The frequency I tuned in to caught me by surprise. I was enjoying my evening walk that evening when I caught a glimpse of the moon darting in and out of the fog. It was then that I felt this strange energy enter my body. I gazed out at the beach, thinking there was someone nearby watching me. But, it was late in the evening, all the visitors had long packed up and there was no one in site.

As this strange energy built up inside me, I felt I was going to burst with happiness and joy. I remember saying to myself to be one with this moment. I felt all my worries leave my body, replaced by a state of bliss. It lasted the entire evening, its influence guiding my dreams that night.

As I entered a lucid dream state from this encounter that evening, I heard the most beautiful sounds and an ethereal music that was not from this earth. It reminded me of what I imagined an angels harp would sound like plucked from the heavens. When I awoke that morning, I immediately grabbed my guitar and tuned it to this strange sound. (Listen here:)


Shining Light Tuning

(Open Tuning: D# – A# – D – G  – G – D)



As I strummed my guitar to this new open string tuning, it bellowed out a sound that made no harmonic sense. The dissonance of the open tuning, (D# A# D G G D) I had discovered in my dream was disconcerting at first. As I started to explore the notes on my guitars fretboard, the “Shining Light” song burst through me in a creative spark. I wrote the lyrics and music in a matter of minutes, all the while re-learning the notes on my guitar as I went along. It was as if something, or someone was guiding me from another place and time.

Shining Light Song

I could not find words to express the strangeness of this new musical discovery. How could one explain this phenomena other then some sort of divine inspiration. Perhaps the energy I encountered on that beach and the dream that inspired this tuning and song was the voice of God and spirit energy from the other side?

Then it struck me, as I read back the lyrics I wrote to the “Shining Light” song, I realized they told the story of losing my mother to an aneurism when she was in the prime of her life. She was a spiritual seeker and a lover of music and art. We bonded on this path together, cut short by the hand of fate. Had her spirit come back to inspire me to continue the spiritual journey we had started many years ago?


Mother can you hear the sound of children laughing
Children laughing at your feet
And if you gather them around, into a circle
The story starts where we will meet

For the days are passing by
They’re numbered by a time
When the sun sets on us all
We’ll join you in this rhyme

Father can you see the light
A silent memory, a silent memory in your mind
Your children gather round and feel your sorrow
A fallen tree lies on the ground

For the days are passing by
They’re numbered by a time
When the sun sets on us all
We’ll join you in this rhyme

Rest your soul were doing fine
We miss your smile, but its alright
We sing this song for you tonight
Your memory lingers in our minds

Brother can you hear these words
These words we borrow
From the fables of our lives
For in the end we find
A place of knowing
Knowing that our fears are blind

For the days are passing by
They’re numbered by a time
When the sun sets on us all
We’ll join you in this rhyme

And all the love that we share
Comes from knowing that your there
It guides our dreams in the night
Your stars shining light

For the days are passing by
They’re numbered by a time
When the sun sets on us all
We’ll join you in this rhyme

As I explored this mystical experience, I turned to the philosophy’s of Buddhism, Shamanism and Mysticism. Through my readings of these ancient practices, I have come to believe that this new guitar tuning is a testament to the healing power of music and its ability to bridge the spirit and natural world. In this musical space, musicians connect to a higher power to contribute their “music soul energy” to our universe. It is here that they tell the story of our lives and help reduce the suffering in our world. In my case, the loss of my mother and the birth of a new sound that celebrates the powers of reincarnation and the acceptance of death. Our physical bodies marry with the compounds of the earth (our instruments) to give a voice to nature and the alchemy that offers healing energy to our planet and mankind.

Music connects us with the oneness of all things and shares a path similar to the constructs of Buddhism. In Zen philosophy, music operates in the tradition of the “three characteristics” of existence. The “anicca”, which is the observation that everything is always in a constant flux of energy and matter, (hence, the tonal and atonal sounds of this unique guitar tuning I discovered). The “dukha”, where the mind is always in a state of dissatisfaction, (hence, the tension created by the abstract sounds created by this tuning). The “anatta”, the realization that if we observe our behaviors closely, there is no “I” to be found, (hence, the search for melodic sensibilities from the chaotic sounds of this tuning to help guide the soul and spirit in an egoless and meaningful way towards enlightenment.)

To share this experience with music fans, I recorded an album called, Heads or Tales”. It features the song, Shining Light and three others written in this one of a kind guitar tuning. Visit to listen and download the album and Shining Light song.

Can the dead speak? One can only speculate until we enter the twilight world beyond our life on earth. But until then, I find comfort knowing that the ones we love live through us in song.

Scot Sier

The Shining Light experience inspired me to create the “Internal Spark” blog. A forum that focuses on creativity and spirituality in the advancement of the art of making music.

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